Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Fulfilling Week

Last week I participated in several events from which I gained great inspiration. A week ago, I spoke about Jeremiah's prayer in Jeremiah 12 as an example of "The Power of a Praying Man," a truth that might at first glance seem ironic given the content of his prayer. Missionaries to Scotland and Brazil also participated in the event; their insights helped me tremendously. This past Monday morning, I attended a church history workshop at the old Mars Hill (Alabama) Church of Christ building. It was constructed in 1904; Evangelist T.B. Larimore preached there numerous times. In addition to learning about the history of churches of Christ in Mississippi and the life of a student of Larimore's who had great influence among rural churches in Middle Tennessee and Northern Alabama a hundred years ago, I also got to lead those assembled in singing "Where the Gates Swing Outward Never," a rousing hymn that eagerly anticipates Heaven. On Tuesday Night, I participated as an alumnus in an event for prospective students at Harding School of Theology (, meeting with the prospective students at a dinner and then sitting on a panel to discuss how attending the school has affected my ministry. Among the insights I left with them was not to assume that they know how their life will unfold, but to lay a foundation by their choice of schools and courses that would allow them flexibility and the optimal opportunity for ministry.


Sharon said...

My parents and two of my brothers were married in that building. My dad grew up worshipping there and at another congregation in Florence. My mother worshipped there her senior year (2nd year of the Mars Hill school).

When we went to clean the building for my brother's wedding, Daddy pointed to the place in the pew where Brother Larimore always sat. That one place was lighter in color than all the surfaces of all the pews. The continual sitting in one place for many many years made its mark. It brought back memories reading about that old building. I even remember worship there when I was very little.

Glad you had a fulfilling week. It must have been a great singing.

Michael Summers said...

Sharon, I'm glad the post had special meaning for you. I was there for a church history workshop; the song I led was the one we sang to conclude. Still, it was great singing. It always is when people of great faith sing together.