Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Prayer Request

The last few months have challenged me to study and pray hard. Returning from an overseas deployment and realizing that I now had to determine what I would do "now that I've grown up" has proven stressful. My military ministry responsibilities continue and grow, though on a part-time basis. The Soldiers and their families inspire me and humble me with their sacrificial lifestyle, faith, and patriotism. My wife inspires me too with her love for Christian missions, her passion, and her ability to keep me halfway organized. We've moved to a different city; it's good to live at home after several years of living in "other people's houses" (renting). I write regularly on this and another blog (see links; I have to confess I write more regularly on the other page, which has to do with a book I'm writing about prayer.). This county has a great system of running/biking trails that have given me variety on my runs and so helped me keep moving and praying. Some opportunities have arisen for increased "civilian" ministry. Please pray that they will develop in ways that will glorify God and help me to grow as his servant.

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Sharon said...

So many people are hungry for the word of God. I see it nearly every day that I work at the church office. I'm ashamed that I don't capture every opportunity to evangelize the lost that come into that office. I'm thrilled that you look for the opportunities to minister. Nice to be able to go on the trails. That's a goal of mine - I have some shapin' up to do first. ;-) Looking forward to your book on prayer.