Saturday, June 01, 2013

Cutting Words: A Prayer

Cutting words questioning my judgment Knife through my soul, sear my spirit. Fatigue slows my reaction, sparing hurt From rash response hurriedly spoken. Grant me wisdom, O Lord, help me heal Their pain that challenges authority. Silence my raging scream; awaken love. Bruised, I crave to return brutal shove. Comfort me; stem the bleeding, Let my vision see those needing Hope, not contempt; an ear, not rebuke. I breathe deeply, direct at myself a look. Spur my courage, reveal slander's source And from my response, my pride divorce.


Sharon said...

You write like David in the Psalms. I feel as if I'm reading a psalm in this writing. When I feel this way, I find much comfort in 1 Cor. 4:3.
So sorry you have been slandered - nothing worse. I noticed you didn't post a comment of mine, and I have to wonder if this post might partly come from my words. I simply wanted to know where you stand.

Michael Summers said...

Sharon, Thank you for a compliment for which I feel quite unworthy. I tried to respond to your earlier comment by email and have today published a response. I hope it will help. You absolutely were not the person who hurt my feelings that day. The words were said face to face; I have recovered.