Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Father's Day Remembrance

Happy Father's Day! My father died several years ago, but I still treasure my memories of him as a father, coach, mentor, teacher, and friend. He was several inches taller than I, and much stronger. I remember well the first time that I thought I was doing my full share of the work when we lifted something together. He was sixty-three years old and I was thirty-eight. Dad was a people-person; others sensed that he genuinely cared for them. Another preacher observed on a social media site today that Waymon Summers had been a "Barnabas" (the name means encourager) to other preachers. A young school-teacher remembered that while her father had often failed in that role, her childhood minister (my Dad) had emerged as the hero who helped her find her way. Dad could see the possibility of success in a person when others could or would not. Another preacher noted that Dad was the mentor who made him be the person God wanted him to be. Dad wasn't perfect, but he worked hard, believed strongly, and took care of his family. He modeled well how to be an good father, but he was a superstar as a grandfather; his grandchildren both loved and respected him. He believed strongly in God and looked forward to Heaven. His final words to me were (and he called me back into the room as I was leaving), "See you later!" Indeed!


-*SharaRose*- said...

Love this post, so great to see photos of Granddad that I haven't seen before. And yes, he was a superstar of a Granddad.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful testimony of your father's earthly influence. This struck a chord with me although my own father's story is very different! (I've written a 3 part blog called 'Father daughter' giving his story which you're welcome to read). Thank you for liking my post on prayer and may God bless the work you're doing through thus blog.
Phyllis Sloan