Wednesday, May 08, 2013


I pruned trees and bushes in my yard this morning. One tree had two dead limbs and several dead branches. I lopped these off while trying to preserve branches with live leaves. Some bushes and trees had sprouted new branches that threatened to interfere with sidewalk passage or brushed up against windows. Pruning dead branches usually results in a healthier plant. So it is with us in regard to our activities and thoughts. Overcrowding our schedule produces stress and decreases effectiveness. It becomes necessary to remove activities that have outlived their function or that no longer enrich our lives. Cautionary point: one limb had both live and dead branches. I did not cut off the entire limb, but removed the dead branches. Removing the dead branches may make struggling branches healthier. Sometimes, too, difficult or unpleasant activities strengthen us physically and spiritually by causing us to build muscle or to increase moral and spiritual discipline. Engaging in harmful activities or wallowing in negativity endangers our health and our relationships with other people. I anticipate that the plants that I pruned today soon will show signs of increased health and beauty. I pray that I (and you) will have the wisdom to know where to prune in life.

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