Thursday, May 02, 2013

Praying on the Run

I pray while I run. I run often, five or six days a week, usually for distances ranging from four to eight miles each day. I run on trails that, while paved, traverse hills. Animals also cross these trails. On a recent run, I encountered a family of screaming humans whose recreational walk had been halted by a snake slithering slowly across the trail. The trail runs along a narrow ridge between a river and man-made ponds. For these reasons, I run and pray with my eyes open. I thank God for the beautiful environment he created. Majestic trees form a canopy over much of the trail. Cardinals, mallard ducks, and herons fly and swim alongside it. Beavers work in the ponds; squirrels and rabbits scurry along the trail's edges. I pray for my wife and our children. I pray for our nation, especially for our leaders and about issues confronting our military. I pray that soldiers may serve with integrity; I pray that God also will help me to do so. I pray for those who disrupt our national life with crime, terror, and slander, asking that their hearts may change. I pray that I may serve with an attitude of wanting God's will done, even when it does not match my own desires. Sometimes it is hard to imagine a Venn diagram that accurately depicts the relationship of my will to God's will. If I think I have the details mastered, but promote God's will with hatefulness and arrogance, I hurt myself, and others as well. I pray while I run. When do you pray?

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Sharon said...

Sounds like a lovely trail. Isn't it nice to get out like that? I love that you pray while you run. I talked to a lady who prayed while she drove the hour to work and back. No radio, just prayer. That was a blessing to me - I had no radio in my car, so I prayed and I sang gospel songs. No one to hear. As I said before in a comment, I prayed in an airport while watching people; I try to remember to pray for everyone I interact with in anyway during the day - even the other car's driver who isn't happy that I changed lanes too soon. Ahem. I pray while on facebook and get prayer requests; Praying for you now, when I stop typing here. Thanks for your posts.