Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Returning to Comfort

Much has happened since my last post - several months in a combat zone, the death of an expected grandchild, the beginnings of a new ministry opportunity, a move to a different part of the country. Some things have not changed - I still run and actually run farther, I still worship with other Christians regularly, I still read voraciously, and I still love my family. I learned to pray more often last year. I've always listened to God regularly, but I realize now that it is important to talk to him if I am to have the healthiest relationship with my Creator. I realize my own mortality more. Part of that comes from seeing others' lives end prematurely, and part from some experiences that could have caused mine to end. So, as I re-enter this blog, I ask you to join me in deciding to pray more, to worship with others regularly, and to study the Bible daily. And if you are estranged, reconnect with your family if it is safe to do so. Realize the comfort that comes from loving God and loving the people He has put in our lives.


Sharon said...

I get a little *miffed* when I hear that Muslins pray five times a day, and how great they are about that, when I pray constantly - when I eat, go anywhere, speak ungratefully, need assistance or to confess a sin at anytime, and any place. I do know now, what I haven't always known, what it means to "pray without ceasing". However, even though I have a prayer list, and add requests to it, I don't pray from it daily as I should. Thanks for the encouragement.

So sorry about your grandbaby's death. Prayers are with your family. We do serve a God of all comfort, and that's nice to know.

-*SharaRose*- said...

it has been a tumultuous year for us hasn't it? Love the last line, so very true.