Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Praying for Strangers

A book entitled Praying for Strangers recently caught my eye. Its author, River Jordan, discovered that when she prayed more for others, even strangers, than for herself, she felt much happier. Now she searches for people for whom she may pray. Her discovery comforted her. It also made her a blessing to others. Most people experience a small burst of joy when told someone is praying that something good will happen to them. To be sure, some might regard it as spiritual intrusion. Pray for them anyway. Praying for others elevates our prayers beyond focus on ourselves. The world around us gains clarity as we discover more people for whom to pray. Prayer for strangers reminds that we do not live alone; we truly are God's ambassadors when we pray for those who believe that no one cares.

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Sharon said...

Good thoughts here. When waiting for my husband in the airport, I decided to say a quick prayer or ever person I saw walk by - "Be with that person pushing the stroller.. that man in the blue hat, help him to have a good day.. be with that lady there who seems so sad.. that man who smiles at everyone......" The time went fast, and I trust every person I prayer for benefited from God's attention that day. Also, some time ago, I thought about praying for each person I interacted with in any way. I forget sometimes, and I don't usually tell them, but sometimes I do. It usually makes them feel uncomfortable, so I don't usually tell them anymore.