Friday, April 12, 2013

Houses that Comfort Families of the Ill

Several years ago, one of my children had surgery. I spent two weeks sleeping at night in a chair beside his bed. He didn't want to be alone at night. However, he let me leave each day for a couple of hours to go to the McDonald House next to the hospital, where I would take a nap, shower, and eat delicious food that volunteers had brought to the house. These and other resources at the McDonald's house eased the stress for me. During my time in military service, I became aware of a similar facility near large military installations: Fisher House. Though I never had to use them, I met families who benefited greatly from the houses' availability during a difficult time in their lives. I thought about the Fisher Houses today when I read an article about the U.S. president's tax return. The Obamas had donated more than one hundred thousand dollars to the Fischer House Foundation last year. My reaction: "Thank you, Mr. President." No political statement here, just gratitude from a parent who was blessed by a similar facility once. McDonald House and Fisher House comfort many, many families. If you're looking for an opportunity to help in a great way and live near one, donate your time if you can't afford to donate money. If you do, know now that I also thank you.

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Sharon said...

I had never really heard of the Fisher House until now. Yes, that was a good thing that the President donated to that. The least we can do is to give some change in the McDonald House donation container when we eat at McDonald's. We don't have a McDonald House at our small town hospital, but I could offer my house at least to my brothers and sisters in Christ while they are in town for family having a long stay at the hospital. My house would need to be more hospitable-like, as the woman in the Old Testament who convinced her husband to build a traveller's room for a prophet. I know in the city, there were some Christians who did just that for those the M.H. wasn't an option. "If that is what you want, you can make it happen" ~quote I've heard somewhere.