Saturday, April 06, 2013

A Brother's Love

Few things compare with the joy of seeing a family member excel. I've cheered on brothers and sons at athletic events and thrilled when they hit a game-winning basket, broke loose for a long touchdown run, scored a soccer goal, or made a score-saving tackle. So tonight when B.J. Upton tied the game for the Atlanta Braves baseball game with a long home run, then pumped his fist in joy when his brother Jason, also a Braves player, hit a game winning home run two batters later, I understood the joy and love they demonstrated towards each other. Families have enormous potential for encouraging their members. Not all families function well in this regard. However, enough families do that we understand why the church is called the family (or household) of God and why New Testament disciples of Jesus call one another "brother." Family member know too well their relatives' faults, yet find a way to love and encourage. Sometimes love is acted out through discipline, which though painful, produces personal growth and stronger relationships. Your family (physical or spiritual) may not perform in the public arena like the Upton brothers, but your encouragement will create similar success in your own family.

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Sharon said...

That last sentence was the key one for me. Encouragement to bring success in others. Thank you! Good article