Thursday, January 12, 2012

Good Weather for Running?

Yesterday was absolutely perfect for running. Sunny, clear skies and temperatures in the seventies made me feel very comfortable. This morning was very different. When I met to run with a group of my coworkers, winds were gusting and amplifying the chilliness of an already frigid morning. However, both runs brought me joy. Friends accompanied me on both runs. Yesterday we rejoiced together. Today we both commiserated over the weather and celebrated esprit de corp as we ran chanting in cadence. The environment does not dictate our attitude. We determine our attitude by our response to our environment. Enjoy life and thank God that we have had this wonderful day

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


My wife and I realized when we moved into our new house that it differed from our former residence in several ways. A different number of stories, a much smaller yard, differently configured driveway, and much less storage distinguished it from the former house. We have adapted to the new house, and for the most part, like it very much. Living in it, however, forced adjustment on our part. Many years ago, I heard a speaker named Jack Exum say, "There is one constant in life: Change. I call it the TC principle: Things Change." Another phenomenon almost as regular: Change breeds resistance to change. At times, I or my wife have struggled with the changes in daily operations we have had to make to adjust to the new house. We have, however, changed. Even successful resistance to change produces change from the original, even if only in attitudes of those involved.