Saturday, August 15, 2009

When Others Misunderstand

Isakson’s awkward contortions on end-of-life counseling

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Sometimes it just seems like no good deed goes unpunished. In the article attached, the discomfort of a Senator after an amendment he sponsored is first expanded by the other party and then attacked by his own, illustrates that. I'm sure that the congressman wanted to encourage senior citizens to take positive steps to help themselves and to remove stress from their loved ones. Now he has to defend or renounce what he did, it seems. While this situation is more intricate than I have described, it does resemble what often happens in life. Someone tries to do a good deed for others, then another misunderstands his action and denounces him. If you have never been there, I rejoice for you. It is a most uncomfortable place. It reminds us to examine ourselves before we act. When we consider the consequences of what we do, when we believe we act for the good of others and are in the will of God, we should move ahead boldly. If others misunderstand, lets stand by our action. If our action was based on misunderstanding, then we should apologize and try to correct what we have done. And in all things, seek to see evidence of the grace of God at work.

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