Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Independence Day

Independence Day - fireworks, concerts, cookouts, movies, reflection. How are you spending your day? As many relax today, it's tempting to forget the stress and fear that the men who signed the Declaration of Independence felt as they signed that document. Even John Hancock's bravado as he signed signal an awareness of the risk that they were taking. As we commemorate that day and their embracing of risk, let's make choices that demonstrate an appreciation of what they did that day. Today, thousands of our fellow citizens are away from home fighting for freedom. Let's honor them also by valuing our freedom, using it responsibly but remaining alert to attempts to attack it.
Freedom requires discipline, otherwise it deteriorates and becomes anarchy. Freedom requires flexibility and toleration, otherwise it morphs into fascism. Celebrate freedom by exercising power under control and by protecting the freedom of others.

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