Monday, May 22, 2006

Faith, hope, and love

Hope keeps us alive. Without hope, faith founders. Without hope, love languishes. Hope sustains and promises a future better than today. Faith, hope, and love form a survival triad for Christians. These three, which appear together in passages like Hebrews 10, Colossians 1, and most famously, 1 Corinthians 13, keep the church and individuals alive - physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Hope is the root that springs forth when the seed of God's word is planted in the fertile soil of a receptive mind. Faith grows from hope as the new believer acquires more and more evidence for his hope. Finally, love blossoms from the practice of faith and the sustainment of hope in life, in relationship, in the church, in Christ.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Summer you have really touched my heart. I"ve almost given up hope on God because of certain ways people in the church treat you. I've found that if you try to go to Your Pastor or Leaderers . They have an attendencies to look at you like your crazy. They might say that they are going to Speak to the congreation. I stop attending because of my violent pass . I am tired of being treated like I am less than a human being. I though it be not to stay Save It's better that way,I get pissed-off people dont just dont get it!! nobody like to be told what to do according there holy scpriture. They dont do nothing but twist the word of God to benifit them. What apply to you should apply to them too. I see the chuch as a Joke No one never comes to the Altar to get saved anymore less know winning no souls. When I did go to Church all they talked about was Money and Car & Houses. For the most part the Church is full of Dope dealer hiding from the law.I have seen some of the Worlds Greatest Cons. I bet you Five dollars to a Jack Rabbits----? Crefol Dollar, Bishop Eddie Long , Even T.D. JAKEs or Paula White would dare come to some of the poor Neighborhood and give a dollar to somebody Who's Hungry or Hopeless . I hear there litle Speeches about Empowering People. What a F----- joke they line there Pocket first!!!You can go to any of them Mega Chuches. you have to make an appointment like anybody in Corprate America. Then They have huge Entourage like Al Capone or somebody they're no different than the World. They have the nerve to say they dont Operate on the World System . That's A Holy Joke. When the Church start acting like they got something to offer someboby , Then and only then will I give God another shot until then they can kiss my Happy Black a--. Half of the Preacher need to go to Jail for Robbing God. They give nothing to Widower , Fatherless, And the Poor. They keep the Tithes for themselves.Most of them wont even work less know get a job. Paul was a Tent maker what's wrong with them they just want somebody to take care of them. They're the worlrd's greatest Pimps I know. If you dont like my comment next time I'll keep them to myself. I bet you any kind of money you just talk the talk but not the walk. Tell me some When the last time you won a soul for Christ ? maybe one !!! OHHHH !! maybe none since you been born Again like the rest of the Holy roller. who seem to think they're better than anybody Else. when you see them on the Street ,or let's say at the Church jumping and shouting and speaking in tongues.They beat the wife & kids . Cheat on there Taxes. Even leave work Early and go the Riverboat and gamble. Just like Ceasear said to Paul you almost persuade me to Believe you by Faith.!!! what you think about that you Jack -ass are you going to Fight Back???? Please dont curse in your Mind God hears You

Anonymous said...

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